Pati Superlite
Pati superlite

Specifically developed for greenhouse systems subject to strong solar radiation and high temperatures, pati superlite has a very high light diffusion (> 70%), which allows a better output of the light available for plants both in par and in short infrared , which is reflected externally reducing daytime temperatures.

PATI SUPERLITE is a TUV (total UV transmission) to promote the well-being and effectiveness of pollinating insects, while allowing optimal development of the colour and flavours of fruit and vegetables. PATI SUPERLITE films are supplied with anti-drip additives (AG) as standard; the additive migrating from the inside of the film reduces the surface tension of condensed water vapour, thus avoiding fogging and droplets.

VAT N. IT 01406020162 | REA N. 203233 - Cod.Mecc. BG 003351
Cap. Sociale € 10.000.000 interamente versato

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