PATI is a division of Guarniflon Spa specialized in the production of films from thermoplastic materials and was founded in 1962 as a spin-off from Montedison, highlighting its know-how and production facilities for the extrusion of Crystal PVC.

The excellence is our vocation: as innovative transformation of the most advanced thermoplastic polymers for architecture, industry and agriculture; as consultancy to offer customized solutions; as interaction with scientific research institutes and as market responsive.

Our mission is to offer customized solutions to our customers: our strengths and commitments are R&D and consultancy, that make PATI the ideal partner.
  • 1962
    PATI takes over the Montedison production department.
  • 1974
    A new concept of film EVA copolymers based is developed exceeding the limits of use of PE and PVC films.
  • 1980
    PATI becomes the reference for EVA and plasticized PVC market.
  • 1990
    Starts the production of fluorinated polymers films.
  • 2000
    Starts the production of polyether-block-amide films
  • 2009
    Production of biodegradable films based on corn maize starches.
  • 2010
    Start a new extrusion line for architecture-based polymers.
  • 2012
    PATI renews the office façade presenting an innovative architectural solution.
  • 2014
    Introduces an innovative digital printing technique to the architectural market.
  • 2015
    Collaboration with artists, designers and architects for the reuse of waste materials.
  • 2016
    PATI becomes part of Guarniflon S.p.a.
  • 2019
    PATI is acquired by Guarniflon Spa becoming one of its production unit
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